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Cruella: Would Have Been A Masterpiece

The consensus is in, both the critiques and the audience agree that Cruella had great music and good costuming, the performances of the leading ladies were stunning, but are we missing the bigger picture? The narrative? Was Cruella necessary? And is this The Future of Disney?

Army Of The Dead: Crippled By Unearned Moments

Right out of the gate I’ll say this, I love Zack Snyder and his work, he has proven to be an artist standing among the greats when it comes to the art of cinema, so as you might expect, I was really looking forward to watching AOTD since it was announced. And today I got […]

Blacklist vs Prodigal Son: Character Introduction, Why It Matters.

Episode 1. Long-form television has been a staple for most people internationally and none of them is as popular as the crime drama and investigative genre. Over time, several of these have become internationally acclaimed and garnered a cult following. It is only fitting that with the increasing popularity some copycats are bound to crop […]


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